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In view of the circumstances in which it is carried out, interpretation is:


Conference - translation in front of a wide audience in connection with organized official events - conferences, seminars, symposia, and other forms of a similar nature. It is carried out in the above forms (consecutive or simultaneous).


Accompanying translation - this is the translation that ensures your smooth daily communication in a foreign language environment or is in connection with the conduct of specific meetings or transactions involving foreigners.

It is impossible to describe exhaustively all possible situations in which this type of translation might be necessary, but some of the most common are:

- welcoming, traveling and accommodating foreign guests;

- conducting business meetings and making contacts with foreigners;

- accompanying foreigners and assisting in meetings, contacts, shopping, etc .;

- conclusion of notarial transactions, signature and notarization of documents by a Bulgarian notary with the participation of a foreigner in the notarial proceedings;

- any other situation requiring the use of a foreign language.



For an interpretation offer, please contact us by phone or email.

We want to provide our clients with this immediacy in communicating in foreign languages, we pay special attention to our work and in the field of interpretation.


According to the peculiarities of translation, we distinguish two main types of interpretation:


Consecutive - in which the speaker pauses briefly in his speech, during which the translator translates the speech before the pause into the relevant foreign language.


Simultaneous - translation at the moment of speaking, in which there are no pauses or delays in speech. It is used at organized events and provided special equipment - booth, microphones, and headphones. This type of translation requires extremely strong concentration and workload of the translator, which is why the translation is performed in a team of at least two translators.

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