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Written translations

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1. The price for translation (editing) is determined at a standard of 1800 characters (with spaces) for 1 page of translated (not submitted for translation) text.

When ordering a translation of the text with a total volume of less than 1 page, the translation is charged as 1 page. 

2. The type of order is determined depending on the number of pages to be translated, the content of the text, and the set deadline for execution.

The Agency reserves the right to refuse to accept orders for translation/legalization from/into specific foreign languages in cases of objective impossibility to perform them or for other reasons.


According to their deadline, translation orders are divided into ordinary, fast, and express.

The term and type of the order also depend on its volume and complexity.

Orders for translation up to 10 pages with the text of classes A and B are determined according to the scheme:

Term up to 3 days - ordinary

Term 24 hours - fast

Term up to 4-8 hours - express


Our deadlines for translation orders exceeding 10 pages will be further specified.



Specialized translations /class C and D/: due to their nature, specialized translations require knowledge of special terminology in the relevant field of activity, competent interpretation, and correct translation, requiring the use of specific terminology and style.

Specialists from the team of Bе Factor consult each specialized translation so that it can be professionally realized.


Standard translations /class A and B/: texts for which the above characteristics are not available are classified as "standard". Such are, for example, the usual work or personal correspondence, news, articles, developments, widespread type documents such as identity documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, heir certificates, fiction, etc.


A good guideline for the qualification of the translation is to consider the quality of the document's author - whether a person without special knowledge could create such a text or vice versa - an expert opinion and knowledge are needed.





Legal literature:

texts from all branches of law with main directions:

- civil law sciences
- administrative law sciences
- criminal law sciences

Consultants and editors: law graduates


Business and economic literature:

texts in the field of accounting, economics, finance and banking


Consultants and editors: accountants, economists, financiers


Technical literature:

texts in the field of electronics, computer systems and technologies, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, automation, etc.

Consultants and editors: engineers with technical education


Construction, architecture, and urban planning:

texts in the fields of architecture, industrial and civil construction, road construction, geodesy, urban planning, hydro-technical sciences - hydropower and hydro-ameliorative construction, water supply and sewerage

Consultants and editors: architects, civil engineers



"Official" is the translation of a document subject to certification and legalization to be used for official purposes in Bulgaria or abroad.

By "private translation" we mean the written translation of private documents and papers that do not fall into the category of official translations. This is usually a commercial or administrative document flow, correspondence, articles, translation of foreign literature, etc.

This is the widest category of translations, including the most diverse in type and nature of written texts provided to us by the client.



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