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01. How is the translation/editing price determined?

The price for translation or editing is calculated based on the number of characters per page, which follows an accepted standard of 1800 characters per page. The cost will depend on the type, complexity, volume, and deadline of the project. We will provide you with an offer price based on these factors.

02. What are the translation/editing deadlines?

We classify our orders into three types based on their deadlines:

- Ordinary order: Completed within 3 working days

- Fast order: Completed within 24 hours

- Express order: Completed within 4-8 hours*


*Note that the above timeframes are applicable for orders up to 10 pages for translation, depending on the selected timeframe. For editing documents, the deadlines are halved. If the volume of work exceeds that indicated, the time limits will be increased proportionately. You can find more information about our deadlines on our website.

03. How do I determine what type of interpretation I need?

In our practice, consecutive translation is the most commonly used translation method. This method is utilized when our clients require an interpreter to accompany them to notaries, banks, institutions, business meetings, and other similar events. It is preferred as it allows the interpreter to translate between parties on hold.


On the other hand, simultaneous translation is used when parallel translation is required while speaking. This method is more expensive and difficult, as it requires a high level of concentration from the interpreter who needs to translate in real time. For engagements that last longer than an hour, it is mandatory to hire two interpreters to take turns and ensure the required quality. This translation method is used when meetings are held between people from different countries, who speak different languages, and is often associated with official events that involve the general public. For instance, conferences, seminars, symposia, public speeches, interviews, and other forums of a similar nature.

04. How are translation services paid for?

We prepare an offer for you at your request, which can only be indicative. The reason for this is that due to the different languages' specifics, the original volume almost never corresponds to the translated text. Our practice is to be paid 60% of the offered price for translation in advance. Then we start our work.

05. How can I pay?

At the moment, we accept payments by bank transfer and in cash. We do not have a POS terminal for card payments.

06. What does a sworn translator mean?

A sworn translator is a registered and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs translator of official documents for and from abroad.

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