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Translation editing

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We often receive requests for translation editing. The most common reasons for our customers to want this service are the following:

  • In stylistic editing of artistic, advertising texts, websites, and others. It is necessary in order to be able to achieve full compliance with the way of expression, cultural features, and style depending on the target audience.

  • The client doubts the quality of a translation performed by another translation agency/translator.

In case BE FACTOR has translated your document and you need a new copy with signature and seal, we will not charge you for editing. The price you owe is only a fee - processing, but if even small adjustments have to be made and/or the newly issued document must be attached to a new original, then the new original must pass a full check for changes and inconsistencies and essentially this service. is and is charged as an edit.


NB: In case of an order for translation of the same type of documents, where the differences in content are not more than 10%, only the first document will be charged as a translation, the rest will be charged according to the editing tariff.

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