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Who are we?


Be Factor Agency was founded in 2010 bringing together specialists in the field of translation and various professional fields, with the ambition to offer you high-quality services for standard and specialized translations, legalization of documents, providing seamless oral or written foreign language communication for the needs of your business or other activity.


Our close cooperation with practitioners in the field of law, accounting, and economics, who also have the necessary foreign language qualifications, allowed us to highlight as one of the main directions of our work, the specialized translation of legal and business-economic literature. Providing translation for notarial transactions, signing commercial contracts, business meetings, and other events is also an important part of our work, which we treat with the necessary confidentiality and responsibility.


Clients of the agency are both corporate and private individuals, and we approach each of them individually and with an understanding of the specifics of its activities and specific needs. We work actively with law firms and companies.


Предоставяме изключително гъвкави условия на нашите клиенти в зависимост от конкретната ситуация и условия. Можете да разчитате на нас не само за акуратност и професионално изпипани преводи, но и за административно съдействие. Ние можем да Ви съдейставме и да извадим необходимите Ви документи, ако сте позиционирани извън града/страната или просто не желаете Вие да стоите на опашки и да се разхождате излишно. 


We provide extremely flexible conditions to our customers depending on the specific situation and conditions. You can count on us not only for accuracy and professional translations but also for administrative assistance. We can assist you and retrieve the documents you need if you are positioned outside the city/country or simply do not want you to stand in line and waste your time.

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