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Language Groups

  1. English, German, French, Russian

  2. Spanish, Italian

  3. Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Macedonian

  4. Hungarian, Ukrainian, Slovak, Dutch, Slovenian

  5. Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Arabic, Albanian, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Chinese (Mandarin), Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Vietnamese, Azerbaijani, Kazakh

Types of documents

A – standard documents: criminal record certificate, standard municipal documents: birth certificate/for marriage/heirs/identity of names/ permanent address/kinship/marital status, transcript of the death certificate; University certificate, ID cards, passports, driving license, and other standard documents - valid only for documents FROM Bulgaria. Foreign standard documents are charged as a B document.

B - general documents: educational documents: academic transcript, diploma of secondary education, diploma of higher education, appendix to the diploma, certificate of professional qualification, certificate of completed class/educational degree/professional qualification; Annual tax return, Annual Financial Report, Accounting - balance sheets, reports, etc .; certificates of conformity, general instructions for use, vehicle authorization, a declaration from a parent, specimen, CV, notary declaration, motor vehicle contract, certificate of baptism, medical certificate, official note, official income note, traffic police certificate and police / National Revenue Agency/bank/National Insurance Institute, certificates, recommendations, invoices, CMR, salary slip;         

С - specialized documents: powers of attorney; certificates from the Registry Agency; specialized instructions for use and contracts for purchase and sale of real estate / shares / labor relations / rent / management / company /, appendices to contracts, agreements, company / technical offers, notarial deeds, court decisions, notarial deeds; police protocols, company presentations, mortgage documents, audit reports, criminal file, diploma thesis, certificate, translation of websites, audit report, evaluation report, strategies, company profile, catalogs, company procedures and rules; declarations of conformity; conditions for tender procedures; tender procedures; criminal files; annexes to contracts; company statutes; security activity protocols; application to court, letter to court; certificates of registration of companies and / or products, as well as other specialized documents in the fields of banking, finance and economics, engineering, energy, insurance, information technology and software systems, law, biology and ecology, physics and chemistry, other sciences, oil industry , telecommunications, construction and architecture, agriculture, technical specifications by tendering procedures;

D - medical documents: epicrisis, laboratory results, imaging results, history, reports, work certificates, referrals, prescriptions, prescription books, referrals for hospitalization, immunization passports, medical articles, brochures for the presentation of medical products, packaging, labels, instructions for use and others

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