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Become a part of our team!

Requirements for our translators:

Full Professional Proficiency in Translation

Our translators are experienced specialists - if you have experience in standard and mostly specialized translations, you work or have worked in the law, financial and economic sector, medicine, marketing, or other, then you are the right person!

Image by Stefan Steinbauer

Skills for forecasting and planning tasks

Deadlines in our work are extremely important. Our clients expect every translation within the promised time and deadline, so we appreciate and expect accuracy and correctness from our team!

Translation by meaning

Good knowledge of the language is not enough to make a good translation. Understanding conveying the meaning and intention of the original text is extremely important! At our agency, we work with colleagues who know how to get content, not words.

Image by Paolo Chiabrando

If you want to join our team, please send us your CV and more information about the type of translations you perform and the conditions under which you work, and we will contact you to discuss your application in case you meet our primary requirements.

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