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Music is the only universal language that needs no translation...

For the others - trust us!

Be Factor 
    translation and legalization

Our Services:

Our Services

Written translation

Standard and specialized translations in various fields, performed by practicing specialists sworn translators at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


We offer consecutive and simultaneous translation. Translation with accompaniment, notarial transactions, meetings with partners, seminars, forums, conferences, and others is possible.


Legalization of documents from/to abroad.

Official translations by sworn translators at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Edit an already translated document or translation of a newly issued document with a permissible discrepancy of up to 10% in the content.

Administrative assistance 

We can offer you administrative assistance in many areas in City of Sofia and the country. 

Subscription service

Discounts, advantages for taking orders, deferred payment, and other preferences for companies with a subscription service contract.


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